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Our painting party focuses on the F U N !

Our events are perfect for 

We will develop special events to meet your goals.      
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  • We will show you & your guests how to
          "Toast the Artist Within".

  • As the host you gather your friends and . . .
         we will provide a casual painting party.
  • No experience is required. We take out the fear & put in the fun.  All paintings are pre-drawn.  We have blank canvases for the adventersome.
  • 2 artists will be at the party to help you with your masterpiece.
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         at our studio in Sugar Land (for free.)
  • Select your featured painting from our legea80privindstatutulcadrelormilitaredownloadspdflegea picnicului 2011 doc

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         we will create a painting from your picture. 

  • All party guests will complete a 16" x 20" featured painting
         in just 2 hours or 3 hours (depending on the painting)
              of easy & enjoyable step by step instructions.

              $45 for a 3 hour painting
              $35 for a 2 hour painting
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    nickel back silver sidup We create a custom portrait for each guest using their
         photograph of a pet or person.  Guests finish their
              portrait in just 3 hours

              $65 for a 12" x 12" portrait
              $85 for a 18" x 18" portrait


Custom Portraits

We will use your photograph to create a custom & personalized portrait unique for each party guest.


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